About me…

Nigel Hardy is an Information Security consultant currently working across Australia.

Nigel holds a Bachelor of Science from UEA, and started his technical career in the early 90’s whilst supporting academic systems utilising Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, and Novell, before migrating to Windows NT and various flavours of *nix over the next few years.

Why Khamai?

Khamai’s roots are Ancient Greek, originating from the word for the chameleon – χαμαιλέων (khamaileon), a compound of χαμαί (khamai) “on the ground” + λέων (leon) “lion”.

With years of experience implementing every aspect of large scale technical and change programmes, there is a proven ability in putting the right resources ‘on the ground’ adding value to your business and working towards the successful delivery of key strategic targets from Day 1.

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